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Why Transfer To DVD??

A videotape deteriotes after 8-10 years of it's lifespan. A DVD will last a lifetime!!!!

A VHS video can take forever to FF, a DVD can hit your favorite spot of the video instanteously!!! Think of it, no more rewinding or fast forwarding.

The video quality of a videotape deteriorates each time you view them. Even if the video sits on your shelves for years, but the quality still deteriorates. Do you want to lose your precious memories on video??

Your original videotape copy can be digitally preserved to look even better than the original video copy did on DVD!!!

Did you know that when your video tape player or recorder malfunctions, it can destroy your videotape!!! Many times the video can't be repaired at any cost!!! The best way to go is DVD!!!

Contact us now, to get your precious videos preserved forever on HIGH QUALITY AND RELIABLE DVD!!!!!!!!

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